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In 2022, we are offering a Khustai National Park Day trip to customers who book horseback rides in Khuvsgul, Arkhangai, Khentii, and Uvurkhangai.

Note: Applies only to customers who have booked in 2022.

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The last great nomadic culture... rolling grassy steppes... Buddhist temples and shamans... the Naadam Festival... The Reindeer People
Rocket Launch at Baikonur
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
The first and the largest space center in the world! Join Soyuz launch tour at Baikonur Cosmodrome to watch manned rocket to take off.
  • Max group size: 14
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 3-5
from $ View tour
The Magnificent Silk Road
The Five Stans of the Silk Road
The Silk Road stretched for thousands kilometers leading caravans across scorching deserts, picturesque oases, and mountain passes.
  • Max group size: 7
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 18
from $3,390 View tour
Uvurkhangay Horse Trek
5 destinations in Mongolia
Our riding adventure in Mongolia provides thirteen days of riding plus sightseeing in Ulaan Baatar and Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Genghis Khan.
  • Max group size: 14
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 14
from $2,240 View tour
Khovsgol Horse Trek
9 destinations in Mongolia
Our most popular ride since 1994! On horseback we visit the summer camp of the Tsaatan (reindeer herders near the Siberian border) .
  • Max group size: 12
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 19
from $3,180 View tour
Central Mongolia short trip
5 destinations in Mongolia
Kharhorin, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, located 400km southwest of UB. There are presently efforts to reestablish Kharhorin as the capital of Mongolia as it was centuries ago. Explore the restored Erdenzuu Monastery originally built in 1586.
  • Max group size: none
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 3
from $ View tour
Highlights of Gobi
4 destinations in Mongolia
Gobi, this arid semi-desert land with sparse vegetation, where gazelles roam and eagles soar the skies. The Mongolian government established the Great Gobi National Park in 1975. Mongolians consider that there are 33 different Gobi, where sandy desert occupies only 3 percent of the total territory. The area is often imagined as a lifeless desert like in many other parts of the world.
  • Max group size: none
  • Total driving: may vary
  • Days: 5
from $ View tour

Why travel with Boojum Expeditions?

Experience: Our 38th year of Uncommon Adventures.

Convenience: We have offices in the US and in UB.

Value: Our customized itineraries compare favorably with the price of group tours.

Focus: We are a small, specialized company and we don't try to be all things to all people. 

Continuity: We're not a travel agent or reseller. Our trips are designed and run by our own staff and selected individuals. 

Personal Attention: We excel at providing local guides and staff who understand your particular interests. 

Why travel with Boojum Expeditions?



Chris Nolan

Wouldn't travel to Mongolia with any other company PEROID.

Chris Nolan USA

The Boojum staff went above and beyond what is expected. Boojum was part of our team in every way, enabling mission success and a much more rewarding experience for the travelers (and chair recipients).

Theodore USA
Judy Levi

I felt that we had outstanding guides, driver and camp crew. The food was excellent beyond expectations everywhere I. The horse selected for me was exactly right for my age and physical abilities. It was steady tolerant and forgiving. Responsive and never unruly.

Judy Levi USA
Vanessa's family

My entire family LOVED every aspect of this trip. All of the staff, guides and drivers were really excellent.

Vanessa's family USA

A trip of a lifetime! Everyone gave their best effort, meeting my needs with inspiring generosity and tireless attention to detail. I walk and ride differently on this earth as a result. Shuree and Emma, you pierced my heart. Thank you. Namaste

Lisa USA

I very much enjoyed the trip. The think the staff was very professional, worked super hard, got along together and helped the entire adventure be a good one. Very concerned and caring staff. Riding was more arduous than I was expecting

Ginny Australia
Henry  & Rebecca

loved the Eagle Hunting, and getting a new perspective to hunting with Nature. (The animals, instead of using weapons.)The host family was very generous to us, taking us into their home. Our guide and cook were great!

Henry & Rebecca USA


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