Khovsgol Horse Trek

Khovsgol, Mongolia


Our most popular ride since 1994!

On horseback we cross through the vast Darhat Valley in Khovsgol, visit the summer camp of the Tsaatan (reindeer herders near the Siberian border) and on several trips, we take part in the Naadam Festivals, Mongolia's celebrations of its ancient culture through wrestling, archery, horse racing, song and food. Our rustic lodges in Khovsgol serve as a basecamp for much of the riding.


Travel cost Travel Days Group departure dates

There is no fixed cost, please contact us for details

19 days

June 28-July 16, July 7-25 (Summer Naadam), Aug 9-27, Aug 15-Sept 2

Contact us for private departures on other dates.

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What’s Included:

Meals begin and end in UB (dinner on arrival day thru breakfast on departure day), guide/translator, transportation upon arrival in UB, hotel in UB and ger accommodations, tents and camping gear, horses and tack and park/entry fees.

What’s Not Included:

Roundtrip international airfare to/from UB, internal air flights, airport taxes, Przewalski Horse Reserve day trip, Excess baggage fees, Medical Evacuation Coverage. Alcoholic beverages, sodas, and bottled water when not part of the fixed meal is not included. (Please be SURE to have your own personal water bottle which you can refill from purified bulk sources we provide.)


Please be aware that once we start riding our route and the length of each day’s ride can depend entirely on unforeseen conditions including weather, flooded rivers, horses condition, the location of the Tsaatan camp, etc. We strive to include all aspects of the itinerary but must put safety and timely arrival in UB to meet homeward-bound flights as our top priorities. Also, flights schedules in Mongolia are highly capricious with many schedule changes. Neither we nor anyone in Mongolia, know what actual flights we will have to and from Muren until a few weeks before the flight date. Thus, an evening flight from Muren to UB at the end of the trip gives us extra time for a flexible and more leisurely trip to Muren. A morning flight on the same day requires that we may drive long hours or lose as much as a full riding day in order to catch our flight. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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