Golden Eagle Festival

Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia


Eagle Hunting, one of the most dramatic and primal relationships between man and beast is alive and well in the remote mountains of centuries, Kazakh men have hunted from horseback with trained golden eagles, the largest and most powerful of raptors. Fox, rabbit and even wolf are hunted for their fur and for the challenge they present, pursued across the snowy mountains and steppes. It reminds us of how close, until recent history, a man was with both nature and animals. This tradition, lost in many parts of the world, is enjoying a resurgence of interest among the Kazakhs and has spread to other ethnic groups who once hunted with raptors but lost the knowledge.



Travel cost Travel Days Group departure dates

2 $2580, 3-5 2350, 6 or more $2190

(+internal air)


September - November

Festival dates: the first weekend of October

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What’s Included:

Meals beginning and ending in UB (dinner on arrival day through breakfast on departure day), vehicle/driver, hotel in UB and ger accommodations, homestay, guide/translator, and park/entry fees. Domestic flights are quoted separately.

What’s Not Included:

Airport taxes, evacuation coverage, gratuities, excess baggage fees, sleeping bag pad rental, and items of personal nature.


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