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 Travel Information and Links about Mongolia and Mongolian Culture
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 Mongolia will surprise you... 
 Mongolia, the ancient realm of Chingis Khan, has emerged from the shadow of Communism and is now open to the world.  To begin your travel to discover  the history, culture and people of Mongolia, click on some of the links below. 
Mongolia travel is one of today's best kept travel secrets and most rewarding destinations for adventurous travelers. 

By jeep, on foot, or on horseback, the natural wonders of Mongolia rival any in the world.  Roam the dry washes of the Gobi famous for dinosaur bones or watch the Naadam Festival; horse racing, wrestling and archery. For the intrepid, a visit to the Reindeer People or Kazakh Eagle Hunters is an unforgettable experience.

Boojum Expeditions: Mongolia Travel Agent

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Use the above links about Mongolia to research Mongolian culutre and opportunities before you travel.  Mongolia touring and tours to Mongolia are very attractive and organized.

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